I have an exciting program called the “Golf Passport” this program is for players of all skill levels and combines One on One coaching with On Course coaching.

This program is conducted 6 days per week and includes one medium bucket of balls every day of the month at all three of my courses…Chalk Mountain, Dairy Creek and Morro Bay Golf Courses.

The One on One coaching is conducted on the practice area with TrackMan.  During this One on One session either Jim Coles or myself will help you find your best golfing skills.  We will also help you find a golf ball that is best suited for your game and golf clubs that fit your unique swing.

The On Course coaching will cover learning to use your golf skills to shoot lower scores and have fun doing it.  We will actually help you take your best swing and skills to the golf course and help you shoot lower scores.  Some of the On Course focuses will include full swing, approach shots, around the green and putting in addition to strategy and etiquette.  Yes all of this coaching will take place on the golf course.  We believe if we don’t see you on the golf course how do we know how you actually play the game.  Seeing you play and practice golf on the golf course will help us help you!


This is a low cost program so almost anyone can afford to get coaching over long periods of time both on the golf course and in the practice area.  Which is exactly how the best players in the world learn and practice.

For additional information please email me at rudy@rudyduran.com with your questions.