Rudy Duran

Lead Coach

Rudy Duran has been a golf professional for over 44 years and is a respected coach and golf course owner/operator although he is best known for being Tiger Woods first golf coach, from ages 4 to 10. Currently Rudy is working on his game, coaching and promoting golf world wide.

Rudy turned professional in 1971 and has been a member of the PGA of America since 1976. He played his tournament golf on the CANADIAN TOUR in 1976 and 1977and the PGA TOUR in 1977 and 1978.

After he finished tournament golf he put his energies into coaching and golf course management. During his time in the golf industry Rudy has often been recognized for his many contributions to golf.

While Rudy’s talents as a golf coach are widely known, few know that he is also a golf course designer, owner and operator. This unique background is rarely found in the world of Golf and offers his students true insight into all aspects of the game.

Rudy Duran

Lead Coach

Golf is easy.

I believe at a basic level that golf is an easy game and, regardless of skill level, golf can be equally rewarding to all players. Players from the age of 4 to 104 can enjoy the game. Without question it’s mental and physical requirements can be developed by anyone. I also believe that playing golf, or doing anything for that matter, to the “best” of our individual ability takes dedication, practice and support.

Golf is fun.

I feel that the process of learning and playing golf should be fun. I am often asked about “Burn Out” in golfers. All I can tell them is I have never had a child or adult quit playing golf when they were having fun. “Fun” and “Simple” are key elements for the success of my coaching programs.

Golf is about relationships.

I feel that golf is about developing relationships. For me, the coach student relationship is most important. The interest I take in the student, and the trust that develops because of that interest, helps the student learn quicker. In general, I feel golf provides a venue where relationships can be developed with people of all ages, regardless of social or economic position. The relationships developed on the golf course are special because we can experience fellow player’s emotions while they challenge their individual mental and physical skills. I truly believe that golf is a beautiful walk enhanced.

Golf demands our best effort.

Golf demands our best effort. Golf tends to pull out of us the desire to do our best and by learning to give each shot our best effort we actually learn the skill of giving any activity our best effort.

The student is the expert on the student.

Because I feel my job is to support the students in developing their golf game, I call myself a “coach” instead of a teacher. Helping students become better at playing golf is not about what I know, instead, it’s about how I can help create a learning environment that allows the student to increase their self awareness and maximize their individual golf skills.

Players Learn through small doses repeated.

I feel it is important for students to experience the whole game when they practice or are being coached, so they are more prepared when they arrive on the first tee. I feel it is the complete training of all disciplines (From full swing to putting) in small amounts, and delivering that information in a positive environment, that gives students the tools necessary to develop the best game they can within their ability, desire, and time to play and practice.

I believe coaching junior golfers is as much about providing an environment where the student can develop as it is about coaching golf technique. Consequently, the parents are receiving a lesson in coaching at the same time the juniors are learning how to improve their golf skills. When the juniors are working on their golf skills, at the same time I coach the parents on how to coach the juniors. The parents are not only coached to understand what golf skills the child can work on, but they are also trained to better deliver the golf information in a way that encourages and excites the child. Some of the specific topics that I share with the parents include:

  • Reward the process
  • Keep instruction simple
  • How to give feedback
  • Help children set effective goals
  • Provide an environment for real learning

I am not attempting to make parents “golf professionals”, but I do want to help the parent learn to provide an environment where the child can develop and be excited about the game. This process would include identifying, when they return home, a go-to team that could help with the ongoing golf skill development of the child.

Rudy has had the opportunity to work with many wonderful junior golfers in the past 35 years; either as their coach, employer or they participated in my junior golf programs.

Some of those juniors have gone on to become PGA club professionals, play professional and/or college golf. Here is a few of those players:

Jim Coles – PGA Member, SCPGA Section, 1988 and 1996 SCPGA Northern Chapter Player of the Year. Shot 60 at the 1996 SCPGA Northern Chapter Championship at Birnam Wood C.C.

Roger Tambellini – PGA Tour 2004 & 2006, 2 Nationwide Tour Wins, 2003 Albertsons Bosie Open, 2005 Price Cutter Charity Championship and was the 1997 US Amateur Medalist

Tiger Woods – PGA Tour 1996 to Present

Jeff Hood – University of California at Berkely Golf Scholarship and member of the 2004 NCAA Division 1 Championship Team.

Trevor Baker – PGA Member, Southern California PGA Section

Kelly Manos – PGA Member, Southern California PGA Section

Tony Gill – PGA Member, Northern California PGA Section

Amy Fruwirth – LPGA Tour…Amy has one professional win to her credit along with the USGA Women’s PubLinks Championship and the USGA Women’s Amateur

Richard Renolds – PGA Member, Southern California PGA Section

Greg Snyder – UCSB Golf Scholarship

Danny Hoffenberg – Fresno State Golf Scholarship

Matt Hoffenberg – San Diego State Golf Scholarship

JD Archibald – 2005 LA City Champion -13 to 15 age group – 2006 USGA Junior Amateur Round of 16

Cameron Blount – UCLA Golf Scholarship

Charlie Zinn – Cal State Stanislaus Golf Scholarship

Joel Clay – PGA Member, Golf Course Owner

Tammy Doshier – PGA Member, General Manager