Our approach to golf education is about teaching individuals how to play the game and then sharing some techniques that may be able to improve play. Our assistance is all about increasing the commitment to the process of learning, and that starts with our New Student Assessment.

Complete Game Analysis

See if Rudy Duran Golf is a fit for you? You start with a complimentary one-hour One on One session, then a 2-hour On Course session with other players. This will give both the student and the coach enough time to completely assess the student’s current level of play and will assist the coach in how to help the student play better and enjoy golf more.

What to Expect

Our New Student Assessment provides an opportunity for our coaches to meet and interact with you in a relaxed one on one environment. It will include a questionnaire to see where your golf level and strengths lie so that we can find the best instruction path for you moving forward.

You will discuss your questionnaire with the coaches during your one on one session and the coach will have you hit all the shots necessary for you to share with the coach your current level of swing, pitch, chip, bunker and putting techniques. You will then schedule a complimentary 2-hour on course (Green Fees and Cart Fee Included) session with other players where the coach can see you playing golf. From the one on one session and the on course session, our instructors will be able to outline some programs that may align with your game.